3 Common Misconceptions About Dentures

If you are missing teeth, dentures can be a great option. Dentures allow you to enjoy the benefits of artificial teeth without the invasive oral surgery required for other cosmetic procedures. However, many people avoid getting dentures because they believe a few common myths about them. Keep reading to learn the truth about dentures.

1- Dentures are Noticeable

Many people are afraid that dentures will cause obvious gaps or fit incorrectly. While dentures in the past may have fit inconsistently, modern dentures are custom-fitted for a seamless look. Professionally fitted dentures will look just like natural teeth so you can smile in confidence.

2- Dentures Don’t Work Well

This is another misconception that is related to how dentures fit. Properly fitted dentures will function just like normal teeth, allowing you to eat, talk, and smile just like you used to. If your dentures aren’t working properly (or if they cause irritation), your dentist can check the fit and make adjustments as needed.

3- Dentures are for the Elderly

While you might associate dentures with your grandparents, dentures are actually a great solution for people of all ages. The truth is, tooth loss can happen to anyone. If you are struggling with this problem, dentures can offer you a solution that is less expensive and less invasive than crowns or bridges.

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