4 Reasons to Schedule Your Dentist Appointment this Summer

Now that the summer is here, it’s time for the real fun to begin! Vacations, lazy days poolside or at the beach and tons of other summer fun are just waiting to be enjoyed. During all this pleasure, you may not be thinking about your teeth, but perhaps you should. Summer is the perfect time for scheduling your family’s visit to the dentist.

Let’s look at the benefits of summertime dental appointments:

  • Convenience of a Summertime Visit to the Dentist– When school is out and working people are expected to take time off work for vacations, it makes sense to schedule those appointments which can seem inconvenient at other times of the year. Instead of taking time away from work to take yourself or your children to the dentist, the lazy days of summer provide the perfect opportunity. Getting dental work completed during this time of year makes a lot of sense.
  • More Recovery Time – Do you or the kids have dental work that may require recovery time? Procedures like wisdom tooth extraction or root canal work take a day or so of resting afterward to help facilitate optimal healing. Taking a day off to rest in the summer can be lot more fun and relaxing than any other time of year.
  • Early Prep for Back to School – Among the things that need to be in place when kids return to school are proof of physical and dental checkups. Getting those forms out of the way early means a less hectic start to school. By visiting the dentist in the summer, you won’t have to be concerned about juggling appointments with school or work time. Not only that, but your kids will start school with their teeth in perfect shape, so no worries about toothaches or growing cavities for a while.And, they will be sporting brilliant smiles for those school pictures in the beginning of the year.
  • Defense Against the Sugar Bugs – With summer comes the consumption of more sugar. Sodas, sweets, fruits and juices all add up to a greater sugar load than usual. This can take a toll on oral health. Adults and kids both have a tendency to load up on their sugary intake during this time of year. A visit to the dentist in the summer can help protect your teeth against the onslaught. For kids that could mean applying dental sealants to keep the grooves and fissures of primary teeth safe from decay. For adults, a good cleaning removes the plaque buildup which is exacerbated by high sugar intake.

Seeing the dentist in the summertime is one of those things you’ll be glad you did. You may have a list of things you’d really like to accomplish this summer like work on the house, fixing up the yard or spending more time enjoying your family. Why not put a visit to the dentist on that list as well? You’ll feel good when you cross it off.

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