5 Ways To Treat A Small Chip In Your Front Tooth

When biting down on something hard or while playing a rough sports game, the last thing you probably expect is to suffer from a chipped tooth. But you shouldn’t disregard that thought so quickly. Accidents are bound to happen, and one might end up with a small chip in their front tooth when not careful.

Should You Worry About A Small Chip In Your Front Tooth?

We would love to tell you that a chipped tooth is an insignificant injury. But the truth is that, no matter how small a chip in your front tooth is, you need to take it seriously. Even if it does not hurt, getting it fixed is essential. This is because, if left untreated, it could open a pathway for bacteria to settle in and take root, ultimately causing cavities.

Not to mention, a chipped front tooth can dim your smile and make it appear uneven. Mix that with tooth sensitivity, and you’ve got yourself a full case of tooth decay.
Thus, to avoid such circumstances, it is advised you fix your split tooth as soon as you can.

Can A Chipped Tooth Heal Itself?

Unfortunately, no, a chipped tooth cannot heal on its own. It does not matter how tiny the crack might be. Once lost or broken, your tooth’s enamel can not grow back.

Due to the lack of cell regrowth, the healing mechanism is something that does not extend to your teeth. This leaves the dentin inside your tooth exposed to external threats, weakening it beyond measure. Over time, through pangs of tooth sensitivity and pain, the tooth’s condition can worsen. What was once a small chip in your tooth might end up as a severe tooth fracture. And with no natural way to fix it, visiting your dentist for a dental bonding treatment is the best way to combat it.

Different Ways To Treat A Small Chip In Front Tooth

In order to make your tooth whole again and reshape your smile, consulting with a dentist is a must. Treatment is necessary regardless of the size and severity of the chipped tooth. Chances are, if you just have a small chip on your front tooth or back, your dentist will suggest dental bonding. However, if the crack is slightly bigger, it might need to be contoured.

Nonetheless, below are five of the most common treatment methods for chipped or cracked teeth.

The Final Takeaway

To summarize, a small chip in your front tooth is just as serious as a broken tooth. It may not seem so, but the damage caused by either of these dental scenarios is enough to leave one in excruciating pain. This is why it is important to give your dentist a visit every six months for regular dental checkups.

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