Are You Experiencing a Lost Filling?

Fillings are ought to fall out and then will need a replacement at some point even after the treatment. Lost fillings can be discomforting, specifically when the tooth which has recently undergone treatment has its filling falling off. In such a case, the tissue of the tooth exposes, and if the patient applies any pressure, it hurts more. There are times when it may hurt too much for the patient to bear.

First Aid

To ease the pain of a lost filling, the patient can put some clove oil on the tissue of the tooth. The patient can also wash and rinse off the mouth to avoid any debris from staying in the mouth. It is advised to rinse the mouth with warm saltwater. It is common to swallow the debris, but it causes no harm because it eventually passes out. The patient can use sealants to seal the area and avoid it from any further damage. However, these sealants only work for 48 hours. Therefore, after the sealant gets loose, the patient must visit the dentist immediately. 

It is good to keep some lost filling safe to show it to the dentist. However, even if the patient experiences chipped filling, he/she must not stop brushing the tooth.


dentist for regular checkups to take care of it. Regular visits can avoid any dental problems from arising again after the treatment. Furthermore, regular oral hygiene can also help in preventing the problem of lost filling from occurring.

The dentists at Waller Dental inform the patients about the precautionary measures which he/she must take to avoid anything from happening to the tooth. Therefore, if you feel even the slightest change in the filling, you should contact your dentist to get it fixed. You can even call us on 936-372-2673.

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