Are You Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity after Crown?

The pain of teeth post-treatment is the worst anyone has to go through because it is highly unanticipated. Once the treatment is over, a person wants to sit back and relax, but it may take a turn and come as a surprise. Such is tooth sensitivity after crown placement. A crown may become sensitive to fluctuations of cold and hot temperatures or even air in general.

Crown sensitivity is mostly temporary and resolves on its own. If it does not, then it could be because of a problem with the dental filling or the tooth. There are multiple reasons due to which one may experience tooth sensitivity after a new crown. Few of which are stated below:

Infection of the Root Canal

If the pain is constant and the tooth sensitivity after the crown placement is lasting, then it could be a more complex issue. There is a possibility of some bacteria reaching the inner nerve of the gum. This can also happen if the blood vessel damages after a dental injury. If the infection spreads, it will take root canal therapy to get rid of this infection.


Dentists, at times, use amalgam fillings in the tooth. Although an allergy to an amalgam filling is rare, however, sometimes patients can be allergic to this filling. It can cause throbbing tooth pain after crown placement.

Fitting of the Fillings 

During the treatment, if a gap occurs in the tooth and filling does not properly fit in, it can result in tooth sensitivity after crown cementation.

Tooth sensitivity may last for a while, but it is best to get it treated before it starts becoming worse. Visit a dentist at Waller Dental and get a quick fix to your dental problem. You can also call on 936-372-2673 to book your appointment.

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