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Difference Between a Crown, a Filling and an Implant

April 30, 2020

Being confused about different dental treatments is not a big deal. Team Waller Dental can help you out in this aspect. If you have a problem with your teeth, we may suggest a crown, a filling, or an implant depending on which one works best for your situation. Comparing a crown vs filling vs implant … Continue reading “Difference Between a Crown, a Filling and an Implant”

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Why Choose a Dental Bridge Over Implants?

February 23, 2019

The dental implant is often preferred over the dental bridge for replacing a missing tooth or two, as far as most dentists are concerned. Even though this is becoming the norm, there are still situations in which a bridge would be the better choice. Dental implants have a very high record of success, but not … Continue reading “Why Choose a Dental Bridge Over Implants?”

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Crowns and Bridges: It’s Not About King and Country

July 24, 2018

Perhaps you’ve heard the joke where the dentist examines the prissy girl’s teeth and says, “I think you need a crown,” and she fires back with a fling of her long beautiful hair and says, “I know, right?” Well, needing a dental crown may be no laughing matter, but getting one when needed may make … Continue reading “Crowns and Bridges: It’s Not About King and Country”

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