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How to Know if You Need a Root Canal?

October 30, 2022

Signs that you need a root canal might bring quite a lot of discomfort and pain. It can be agonizing and distract you from your daily activities. The painful symptoms arise when decay spreads to the pulp of your tooth. Consequently, an infection and inflammation occur. Usually, a root canal procedure is required to clean … Continue reading “How to Know if You Need a Root Canal?”

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Preparing For Your Root Canal

June 24, 2019

If you need a root canal, you might be nervous. Root canals are simple and convenient, but many people are worried that they cause a lot of pain. While root canals used to be painful procedures, advancements in dentistry have made root canals much more comfortable. Follow these tips to prepare for your root canal … Continue reading “Preparing For Your Root Canal”

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Why Root Canal Therapy Gets a Bad Rap

January 14, 2019

When it comes to dental care, few things have an undeserved bad reputation quite as much as root canal therapy. Most people spend their lives hearing “root canal” used as a synonym for “not fun.” It’s no surprise they’re hesitant to commit when they need the procedure. Fortunately, things may not be as bad as … Continue reading “Why Root Canal Therapy Gets a Bad Rap”

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