Causes of Chipped teeth

Keeping one’s teeth healthy and intact requires regular care. However, there might be instances that may cause teeth to crack despite routine dental care. The outer layer of teeth, enamel, might get chipped when something hard is eaten. A chipped tooth might not worry you as it does not cause any pain unless the inner nerves are exposed.

Common causes of chipped teeth?

There can be numeral causes of chipped teeth. Following are some of those:

  1. Biting hard food or material puts excessive pressure on the teeth. The constant pressure on teeth at times causes the top layer to break. Moreover, an imbalanced bite may also cause teeth chipping.
  2. A hard hit on the face by the ball or a bat also affects the teeth. These happen accidentally but may sometimes cause a permanent crack on the teeth. A sudden fall also, at times, makes the teeth hit the floor and break the teeth.
  3. Cavities and poor hygiene make the teeth weak. With weakness, the teeth start decaying, and might even chip from the corners.
  4. Some people have a habit of grinding their teeth while sleeping. This constant grinding of teeth wears away the teeth with time and becomes a cause of teeth chipping.
  5. Another essential reason for teeth chipping is poor nutrition. The food that we eat affects our teeth in making them strong. However, food that we do not eat also affects the strength of our teeth. A balanced diet with ample nutrients would keep the teeth healthy and would not let them chip.

If you experience chipped teeth, consult your dentists, and they will be able to fix the problem. The experts at Waller Dental will guide you on how to protect your teeth and to make them stay healthy. For more information on the causes of chipped teeth, call 936-372-2673.

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