Cosmetic Fillings: Beautiful and Healthy

Some people seem to have all the luck! When they smile, all you see is a brilliant white smile, not a blemish anywhere, even when they laugh out loud. What you may not know is that they may have had cosmetic fillings to fill those cavities. While it is true that there are some people fortunate enough to never get cavities, most of us have at least one or two if not a lot more. You’d never know it though, thanks to cosmetic fillings.

Tooth Colored Fillings

For decades, cosmetic fillings have been available. In the sixties they were used to fill cavities in anterior teeth. The early version of these tooth colored fillings left much to be desired compared to the cosmetic fillings of today. Although they were tooth colored, they did not always look that great and were not as durable as silver amalgam fillings. For this reason, they could not be used in areas on the tooth than had to withstand a lot of pressure. Another drawback was that they were hard to polish and didn’t feel as smooth as the natural tooth.

Today’s cosmetic fillings are much better. They are stronger and aesthetically speaking, they cannot be distinguished from the natural tooth. They feel as smooth and slick as your natural tooth. Today’s tooth colored fillings can also be used in back teeth because of increased durability.


Tooth colored cosmetic fillings are made from composite materials. A mixture of plastic and ceramic or glass form the resin used in these types of fillings. A special blue UV light is used to cure or harden the composite. The filling is put down in layers and the light is used on each layer.  This ensures that the filling is hardened all the way through. Once the cavity is filled, the excess composite is removed, and the filling is contoured to match the tooth. It is then polished smooth. The end product is a filling that matches the tooth precisely.

Brighten Your Smile with Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic fillings allow you to have that perfect smile with no silver glinting. In addition to brightening your smile, composite fillings are safer than silver fillings. Some people are slightly allergic to the metals used in amalgam fillings. Older metal fillings also contain small amounts of mercury. Composite fillings do not contain any metals.

Isn’t it time you brightened your entire smile by getting cosmetic fillings? Give us a call at Waller Dental and make your appointment today. We will have your smile looking brilliant in no time at all.

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