Crowns and Bridges: It’s Not About King and Country

Perhaps you’ve heard the joke where the dentist examines the prissy girl’s teeth and says, “I think you need a crown,” and she fires back with a fling of her long beautiful hair and says, “I know, right?” Well, needing a dental crown may be no laughing matter, but getting one when needed may make your smile a royal beauty. The same goes for a dental bridge. Crowns and Bridges can restore your beautiful smile.

Damaged Teeth Can Be the Source of More Problems

A tooth that is badly damaged, broken or has a very large filling is in a weakened state and as such is more likely to decay or break off. A dental crown protects the tooth and strengthens it. Another instance in which a dental crown may be necessary is when a tooth has undergone root canal therapy.

While root canal therapy saves the natural tooth, since the nerve supplying life and nourishment to the tooth is gone, the tooth becomes brittle. This makes it more susceptible to breakage. Placing a crown over the tooth adds stability and protection.

Crowns and Bridges Fill in the Gaps

A dental bridge is a permanent fixture which replaces a missing tooth or teeth between teeth. A crown is placed on each tooth adjacent to the gap. Attached to the crowns are pontics, artificial teeth made to look like the teeth being replaced. The pontics act as a bridge between the natural teeth. Together the crowns and bridge provide structure and stability to the area of missing teeth.

It may seem that the main reason for getting crowns and bridges is aesthetics. Though this is reason enough for many people, the more important factor is to maintain oral health. Missing teeth cause the adjacent teeth to twist out of alignment over time. When this happens a cascade of undesirable events are put into effect. Food traps are formed, giving rise to hard-to-clean areas where dental plaque can build up. Without proper care these areas can become infected as gingivitis develops.

The dental crowns and bridge prevent the teeth from moving out of alignment. They keep the teeth from shifting and leaning into the gap. Additionally they provide needed chewing surface so you can chew your food properly. This is necessary for sufficiently breaking down your food so your body can get the necessary nutrients out of it.

The dentists at Waller Dental would be happy to discuss the options for crowns and bridges if you think you are a candidate for this procedure. Give us a call today and make your consultation appointment.

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