Difference Between a Crown, a Filling and an Implant

Being confused about different dental treatments is not a big deal. Team Waller Dental can help you out in this aspect. If you have a problem with your teeth, we may suggest a crown, a filling, or an implant depending on which one works best for your situation. Comparing a crown vs filling vs implant will give you a better insight into the perfect treatment for you. If you still have any confusion, you can always ask our team for advice.

Crowns vs. Fillings vs. Implants: 


A dental crown is a prosthetic tooth that fits directly over an existing tooth. If you have a badly decayed tooth, your dentist will recommend a crown to save it from further damage so that your entire bite functions properly. Crowns can restore broken teeth, protect weak teeth, and support large fillings. Crowns can also be used with bridges that are used to fill a gap between teeth. Here the crown holds the teeth in place.


If your teeth have a small amount of damage, fillings can restore them. One difference between a crown vs fillings is that in a crown, no material is removed as the crowns sit on your existing tooth, whereas, with a filling, as a first step, the tooth material that is decayed is removed. Secondly, the dentist cleanses the tooth and then finally fills it. While the most common use of fillings is to treat cavities, severe cavities require crowns or a combination of crown and filling.


A major alternative to crowns and bridges are dental implants. This procedure involves placing titanium support into your jawbone with surgery. Implants are stable, and here is a chance that bridges may slip over time, but the implant will not.

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