Do Root Canals Hurt?

If you need a root canal, you might be feeling nervous. Root canals have a bit of a reputation. In fact, some people are so nervous about the pain during a root canal that they put off the procedure altogether! The truth is that modern root canals are common dental procedures that can be performed with little to no pain. Read on to learn more.

Root Canals Have Come a Long Way

Root canals are performed in about 90 minutes during a simple and relatively comfortable procedure, but this wasn’t always the case. Root canals are notorious for being painful because the procedure used to be very uncomfortable. This changed due to advancements in dental technology and anesthesia. The sedation tools that dentists use today will keep you from feeling any pain during the procedure and modern dental tools (such as drills and excavators) allow your dentist to work with more precision.

Pain Management Tips

While you won’t feel any pain during your root canal, it is normal to feel a little discomfort after the procedure. Over-the-counter pain medication should take care of this for most patients, but if you are particularly sensitive to pain, your dentist might recommend a prescription. Talk to your dentist about the best option for you.

Root Canals in Waller, TX

If you need a root canal, Waller Dental is here to help. Our dentists have performed hundreds of root canals and are committed to giving you the best possible care. To schedule an appointment, call us at 936-372-2673.

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