Does Your Child Fear The Dentist Because Of The Dental Scaling Tool?

Their first experience is everything. When your children think about the dentist, most children imagine the dental instruments that the dentist is known to use, such as the dental scaling tool. The fear of the unknown is also an essential factor. If the child does not remember their experience from his previous visit, the uncertainty will trigger the sense of fear to rise. Thus, it is vital that the child has a healthy relationship with their dentist from their very first visit. If the child trusts the dentists, there won’t be anything to fear.

Another factor is parental fear. Sometimes parents educate their children on why they should brush their teeth and what would happen if they do not. Instead, children begin fearing visiting a dentist. The fear passes on from the parents to the child subconsciously. The child does not realize their fears until they have had their first visit to the dentist.

Standard practice involves that the dentist has a chat with the child during the child’s first visit. Simple questions such as how many times do you brush your teeth are asked. The dentist then proceeds to examine the state of the child’s teeth and gums. No treatment of any kind is done during the first visit. All this is so that the child has beautiful memories of their pleasant visit and comes back for their second visit happily.

Neglecting your child’s visit for too long is also a factor for dental fears. If the child does not visit the dentist regularly, they may not want to willingly go for their next visit. As the duration between two visits grows, the child’s memories of their previous will begin to fade. The child’s fear is sometimes also caused by someone else’s experience, perhaps a friend, classmate, or neighbor.

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