Here Is Why Your Gums Hurt After Flossing

Your dentist will always recommend you floss your teeth as it helps remove all the leftover particles but do your gums hurt after flossing? If so, this article is for you.

Have You Got Sensitive Teeth?

All teeth pain is mostly associated with you having sensitive teeth. And teeth sensitivity can be due to many several reasons. It could be genetic or due to a damaged vein under the gums. If the pain happens after flossing, then you need to go in for a checkup.

Has Your Tooth Decayed?

The extra build-up of cavities and infections leads to the decaying of your tooth, and the infection is usually in areas where you floss. Hence when you floss on a decayed tooth, the pain is unbearable. If you feel that you are suffering from tooth decay, you should visit your dentist immediately. We recommend visiting your dentist right away.

Now that you are aware of the reason behind the pain in your teeth, you should also fix it. Visit Waller Dental & General and Cosmetic Dentistry and speak to our specialists. Call us at (936)-372-2673.

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