How Does Dental Bonding Work?

While teeth are extremely strong, they are not unbreakable and can be damaged. You can fall and chip a tooth on a hard object, or a tooth can be cracked when biting down on a hard popcorn seed. Damage to teeth happens, making them more susceptible to decay, weakening their structure and changing the way they look. Dental bonding is one option for repairing teeth, helping protect them and restoring a healthy appearing smile.

What Is Dental Bonding?

When the tooth surface is damaged, it is necessary to replace the lost material to reform the tooth and give the inner tooth the protection it needs from decay. When the interior or dentin of the tooth is exposed, it can quickly decay and weaken the structure of the tooth.Dental bonding is used to add tooth material to the surface, protecting the interior and adding strength to the structure. While fillings are used to replace material drilled out of the tooth, dental bonding is applied to the surface and can be shaped and polished to resemble the natural tooth material.

The most dental bonding material is made from a dental composite resin that comes in a soft, putty form. This resin can be formed to replace a chip in a tooth, or applied over a crack, to repair the tooth. Once applied and bonded to the tooth, a special light is used to cure or harden the composite resin. It becomes solid and durable, usually lasting for ten years or more. Dental bonding can be color-matched to the tooth and the surface is polished, so the tooth repair is almost invisible.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Not all dental bonding is used for only tooth repairs. Another reason people choose to have dental bonding done on their teeth is for cosmetic purposes. Just like tooth repairs, the resin used in dental bonding can be used to change the appearance of the teeth. A gap between the front teeth can be closed by adding a small amount of dental resin to each tooth, closing the gap. A discolored tooth that is resistant to whitening methods can be covered with dental resin to make it white again. Dental bonding can work like dental veneers but can be done in one office visit, and is much less expensive than veneers for small cosmetic repairs.

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, or want to explore cosmetic dental bonding options, contact our team at Waller Dental. We offer professional dental bonding for tooth repairs and cosmetic applications. Make your appointment today at our office in Waller.

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