How Much Does Invisalign Cost In Houston?

An instant energy and confidence booster craved by people of all ages is having a beautiful smile.

Unfortunately, most of all, the people who desire this do not have a naturally perfect smile. If you, too, are one of those, you might have heard of Invisalign. Is it an alternate treatment to traditional braces? And if you can let go of your attachment to conventional braces, try our Invisalign’s. Although Invisalign has some extraordinary benefits, what worries patients when choosing between them is how much it costs?

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

If you are looking for the best pick, you will have to do a side by side comparison. And in terms of price, we’d estimate that Invisalign’s average cost is somewhere between $3,500 and $7,000. This cost is based on several factors, such as the time it takes for the complete treatment and some other complexity factors as:

  1. The number of aligners your dentist suggests you need
  2. To what extent your teeth require alignment

Nevertheless, you will need to visit your dentist, who will first check you and then be able to provide a more accurate estimate. This estimate will be based on specific circumstances and preferences related to your treatment.

If you were to look for an estimate for regular metal braces, they would cost between $5000 to $7,000.

Also, note then that several most dental insurance plans cover both Invisalign and traditional braces, but you need to confirm the covered treatment’s extent.

Now that you have read this article, you can question whether Invisalign is worth taking a closer look? Why is Invisalign’s a preferred choice among people? Here are some other benefits to your understanding.

  1. One of the most important reasons people consider when choosing Invisalign is that it is not too noticeable as they are made of clear plastic, unlike metal braces. Mostly because youngsters and adults who wear them do not feel self-conscious when smiling.
  2. If you were undergoing braces treatment, you would have to avoid many items from our food lists, such as soft drinks and sweets, but when Invisalign, that’s not the case. You remove them while eating so you can eat whatever you want.
  3. Another issue with traditional braces is when brushing, bristles do not correctly clean the food particles and plaque in between your teeth, which results in bad breath, gum diseases, and cavities. In contrast, you can remove your Invisalign while brushing your teeth, ensuring proper cleanliness of your mouth.

If you’re still wondering about how much Invisalign cost you in Houston, you can always reach out to us for assistance. We’re just a call away. Call Waller Dental now at 936-372-2673

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