How to Handle Cavity with Braces

Skipping brushing and flossing is a common habit in children and teens. Every time you skip any oral hygiene habit, you increase your chances of getting cavities. Your duty of maintaining oral health becomes more demanding if you have braces. It is because with braces brushing and flossing is not the same as it was before. For now, you have to do them more frequently and thoroughly to get rid of bacteria and food debris. Not doing so also increases the chance of getting cavity with braces.

Nobody wants to spend so much money and time and go through all that pain of wire tightening and long dental sessions perfecting their teeth only to face disappointment in the end. Therefore oral hygiene is very important. Tooth decay does not take much time to happen. With braces, it is harder to brush and floss in-between your teeth and where the brackets are bonded to your teeth. Unfortunately, these provide a well-nourished breeding ground for cavities.

Without braces treating cavities is as simple as visiting your dentist and have it removed and filled. But the treatment is a bit different from braces.

Cavity Treatment with BracesĀ 

The treatment with braces is a bit harder but not impossible. If the tooth decay is in a hard to reach the spot, your dentist will remove the wire to provide you proper cavity treatment.

In some instances where tooth decay is severe, there might be a need to remove the brackets if they interfere with the dental work. This happens rarely, and missing parts are replaced as soon as the teeth stop moving. The cavity treatment with and without braces is more or less the same. The only difference is that with braces, you have to deal with orthodontic appliances.

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