How to Know if You Need a Root Canal?

Signs that you need a root canal might bring quite a lot of discomfort and pain. It can be agonizing and distract you from your daily activities. The painful symptoms arise when decay spreads to the pulp of your tooth. Consequently, an infection and inflammation occur. Usually, a root canal procedure is required to clean out the decay and reduce the symptoms.

In this blog, we’ll list the symptoms that’ll help you know if it’s time for a root canal. Even if it isn’t, you should always inform your dentist of the symptoms you’re experiencing.


Identifying the 5 Signs That You Need a Root Canal

Your dentist or endodontist can determine the signs you need a root canal. However, a few signs appear once the decay invades your tooth’s pulp. The root canal symptoms might look like this:

1. Non-Stop Agonizing Pain
You’ll experience severe, unbearable pain if the decay has entered the tooth’s nerves. Moreover, the pain might be constant, or it comes and goes. Other than this, your face, jaw, and other teeth might hurt too. If you feel a sudden wave of pain, it could be an infected or dead tooth.

You should immediately inform your dentist if your tooth hurts.

2. Sensitivity to Hot & Cold Triggers

You’ll experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold food triggers. For instance, having ice cream, tea, and more will result in a full toothache. Furthermore, the pain will last a while – even after you’re done eating or drinking.

Tooth sensitivity is one of the main signs you need a root canal. In addition, it indicates that your tooth’s nerves and blood vessels might be damaged or infected.

3. Change of Color in Gums or Tooth
Infection can give your gums or teeth a dark color, altering their appearance. Factors like an injury can limit the blood supply your affected tooth receives, which could possibly kill its pulp. Additionally, your gums can appear dark due to infection.

4. Swelling in Gums

If your gums are swollen near the painful tooth, it could be because you need a root canal. The swollen area might be painful to touch, although it is not necessary. You might also notice tooth abscess. It could look like a bump or pimple on your gums, which is usually pus-filled.

If you notice swelling in the gums surrounding the aching tooth, it could be because you need a root canal. Sometimes, the swollen gums hurt when touched. In addition to this, a noticeable pimple or bump appears on the gums. This bump is usually filled with fluids or pus.

5. Your Tooth is Loose

Nerve death can soften the bone due to acidic waste products, resulting in a loose tooth. In many cases, a loose tooth is among the signs that you need a root canal. Although tooth mobility can be a symptom of other conditions, it is better to contact your dentist.

What to Do Now?

After learning the signs that you need a root canal, don’t take any unusual symptoms lightly. Instead of waiting, please schedule an appointment with our Waller Dental experts to know what’s happening. You can reach us at (936) 372-2673

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