How To Stop Gum Bleeding After You Have Had Deep Cleaning

Gum disease is a common problem amongst adults, but did you know that what begins from irritated gums can lead to you losing your teeth? Hence it is important you treat your gums the moment you notice an issue, and one of the best ways to do so is by having a deep cleaning session of your gums. But in some cases, you may experience gums bleeding after a deep cleaning session, and in this article, we will talk about how to stop gum bleeding after you have had a deep cleaning session.

How Can Deep Cleaning Help Treat Gum Disease

Right, when gum disease has begun, you can see your dentist and undergo a deep cleaning procedure which is also famous for scaling and root planning. During this session, your dentist will remove all the plaque off your teeth, and this is one of the most highly effective ways to tackle gum disease from spreading across the gums. Remember that deep cleaning is a non-surgical solution to these types of dental problems.

What Should You Do After The Deep Cleaning Is Complete

Here are some tips you should follow after your deep cleaning is complete:

Let The Numbness End Before You Eat

Your dentist will recommend you do not eat anything until your next appointment, which could be the following day or the day after. It does mean you may be tempted to have something during the rest of the day, but you must wait before you do so. That is because, under anesthesia, all the parts of your mouth are numb; hence you may not feel while chewing, and there is a risk you may end up chewing gums or tongue. Let all parts of your mouth get de-numbed, and then you can eat as much as you want to.

Some Foods You Should Avoid After A Deep Cleaning Session

You may feel that your gums are healing, but at the same time, they are also sensitive. Therefore you must avoid having some of the food items. That is because these items may disrupt the healing process and slow it down:

  1. Foods that are acidic, like oranges and lemon.
  2. Hard to bite foods like steaks and burgers.
  3. Pieces of food which are small like nuts.

How To Cure The Post Depp Cleaning Pain?

One of the best ways to tackle the pain is to opt for some over-the-counter medicines. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label and do not exceed the dosage.

If you think the pain is unbearable; you can also opt-in for some antibiotics, but you will need some medical advice to do so.

You may experience pain in the first twenty-four hours is common; you can try rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater every thirty minutes. This will keep the mouth clean and free of infection.

Visit Your Dentist

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