I Have an Infected Tooth — Can a Dentist Pull It?

Pain, swelling, and a lot of discomforts are some symptoms that show up when you have a tooth infection. You should seek medical attention for your dental problems immediately, especially if it is an infection. The throbbing tooth pain makes it extremely hard to go on with your day. Your dentist will inspect the infected tooth to see which treatment works best and suggest extraction as a last resort. But can a dentist even pull an infected tooth? Continue reading to learn all about tooth infections and if they can be extracted.

Why Does a Tooth Infection Occur?

Cavity or cracks in your tooth can allow bacteria to enter the tooth pulp. Once the bacteria invade your tooth pulp, it accelerates the damage. Slowly, you might notice more signs of cavities and cracks in your affected tooth. The tooth might even come apart if it is severely infected.

So just imagine if the infection manages to reach your gums and jawbone — it definitely would bring much more damage. Sometimes, antibiotics would be required to clear up the infection if the tooth needs an extraction. But if you are lucky, your infection wouldn’t be severe enough to have your tooth pulled. The dentist can drain an abscess by making an incision on it if your infection causes a pimple on the gums.

Signs You Have an Infected Tooth

You should not hesitate to visit your dentist the moment you spot an infection. Otherwise, the infection can spread and lead to severe consequences. You can also swish the saltwater solution in your mouth since it has antibacterial properties that might help prevent it from progressing. You should always be on alert when it comes to your oral health. Contact a dentist immediately if any of the following symptoms occur:

  • Your tooth has increased sensitivity
  • You have throbbing pain in and around the tooth
  • The pain radiates to your jaw, ear, or neck
  • You have come down with a high fever
  • There’s a bad taste in your mouth
  • The discomfort gives you trouble eating or chewing
  • Your neck and cheeks look swollen
  • You notice that the lymph nodes at the base of your jaw are swollen
  • There’s a foul stench in your mouth
  • You notice pus leakage

Is it Okay if the Dentist Pulls an Infected Tooth?

To answer, yes, your dentist can pull an infected tooth. However, if extracting it is the right decision depends on the tooth’s condition. Hence, they might proceed with different treatments if there is a deep-rooted dental abscess.

Your oral health care provider might recommend medications to reduce the extent of the infection. When the infection has significantly minimized, the dentist will be able to remove the tooth with no dire consequences. Moreover, draining the abscess also avoids terrible repercussions. This is because it helps stop the bacteria from spreading to the other teeth.

What’s Next?

Your dentist can pull out an infected tooth, given the right conditions and if it is required.
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