Implants Vs Dentures

Missing teeth have a very negative impact on your oral health and general wellbeing. You can choose to replace them with dentures or implants. Traditional removable dentures have been the standard for replacing a full arch of missing teeth. This standard has been around for decades and now there is a tried and true alternative that gives denture wearers a much better experience when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

How Many Implants are Needed?

Some people are not aware of the fact that you don’t need to have a mouthful of implants to replace you missing teeth.  It is true that you can replace a single missing tooth with an implant. You can also use implants to create dental bridges to replace more than one missing tooth between teeth.

When you are missing all your teeth on the upper or lower arch, a few implants are all that’s needed to anchor a fixed denture. There are a few types of dentures which can be held in place by implants. The type of implant supported denture that is recommended for a dental patient depends upon his or her unique situation and oral health.

Advantages of Implants Over Dentures

If you wear traditional dentures you may already be acquainted with some of the issues. From the beginning these removable dentures may need adjusting. Sore spots can develop when the material from the denture rubs against the gums and causes irritation. Those areas need to be removed by the dentist from time to time.

Traditional dentures also need to be relined every few years. The gums and bone shrink over the years because there are no tooth roots to stimulate bone growth. As shrinkage occurs the dentures lose their fit. This results in the patient needing to use adhesive pastes or powders to keep the dentures from slipping or falling out completely. Unfortunately, the adhesives only last so long.

Implant secured dentures do not need adhesives to hold them in place. The dentures fit on the implants and are locked or snapped down depending on the type of implants used. This feature keeps the dentures tight in your mouth no matter how long your day lasts. No more worries about slippage, falling out or clacking when you talk. Implant secured dentures provide you with confidence in your smile, speaking and eating.

Upkeep of implant secured dentures is easier also. You won’t have to worry about scrubbing off old adhesive at the end of every day. You won’t have sore spots and your dentures will always fit. Dental implants are the perfect way to replace teeth even when all of them are missing.

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