Improving Your Child’s Smile With Limited Orthodontia

When your child has cosmetic issues with teeth and bite, it does not necessarily require comprehensive orthodontia. At Waller Dental, we carry out a full assessment and may recommend limited orthodontia for a straighter, brighter smile.

Limited Orthodontia

This treatment approach delivers excellent results in less time, for young patients who don’t want to endure long periods wearing orthodontic devices. To determine whether your child will benefit from limited orthodontia, an appointment with an experienced orthodontic specialist at Waller Dental offices is necessary.

Each child’s needs are unique, which means any practicable limited orthodontia must be carefully assessed by his or her doctor. We are passionate about oral health care, and childhood is often the most important juncture, when it comes to taking care of teeth and gums. Limited orthodontia provides options that are less intrusive and usually focus on the front teeth, to make cosmetic improvements to a smile.

Treatment Options

Limited orthodontia treatment options are much the same as with comprehensive care. Fixed or removable devices are used to correct crooked teeth. The difference with limited orthodontia is that only 4-6 teeth per arch are treated, depending on the child’s needs and the type of device that will provide the best results.

If you believe your child may benefit from limited orthodontia, we welcome you to book an appointment for assessment. Our doctors are relaxed, welcoming and can answer any questions you may have about the limited orthodontia treatment options available from Waller Dental. Call our offices today to learn more.

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