Is It Time for Teeth Makeover?

We all know that makeovers help to change the appearance of a person to the extent that one starts loving his/her personality. Similarly, teeth makeover drastically changes the outlook of a person and helps to improve the smile you wear. Some of the most common procedures used as teeth makeover include dental implant, veneers, bonding, and teeth whitening.

Consideration in teeth makeover

A good practitioner will always make thoughtful consideration before suggesting a makeover of his/her patients. He/she considers the components such as facial appearance, teeth color, size, shape, gums, and lips.

A person chooses to go for teeth makeover or smile makeover for many different reasons and knowing the components would help to perform the procedure correctly. Furthermore, each reason would need a different treatment to give you a smile that you deserve. Certain aspects that teeth makeover can improve are as follows:

Spacing and alignment of teeth

People with good dental hygiene also get worried about their teeth. The gaps between the teeth or misalignment of teeth may force a person to be worried about one’s personality. Teeth makeover can prove beneficial to correct crooked, overlapping, and crowded teeth. Invisalign and veneers act helpful in filling the gaps and to cover slightly crooked teeth.

Dead and missing teeth

What good is a beautiful smile when a missing tooth is visible? However, a dental implant can come to rescue at this point. Dental implants are naturally colored artificial teeth that dentists fix in place of missing teeth. These blend with the natural teeth so well that no one can judge that there is an artificial tooth in your mouth.

Tooth Color

Getting the desired shade of teeth is mandatory for many. So all those who are habitual of having tea and coffee and still want their teeth to be shiny white can opt for teeth whitening.

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