Is Smoking Bad For Your Teeth?

There are about 36 people in the United States who are regular smokers. That is about 15 percent of the total population. Although the number falls every year, that is still a large number of people who are at risk of dental issues that come with smoking.

Tobacco makes your mouth defenceless by lowering its capability of fighting off germs and infection. When your mouth can’t fight germs, it can build up plaque and bacteria much faster.

How Does Smoking Affect Your Teeth?

When you have increased plaque and bacteria in your mouth, it causes a variety of oral health issues:

  1. Discoloration Of Teeth: Stains on the teeth is an obvious sign that you are a smoker. Cigarette tobacco contains different chemicals that stick to the teeth’s enamel. These stains eventually become hard on the visible on the teeth. You can use whitening kits to slow the process, but it will become impossible to cure your teeth’ damage if you do not stop smoking.
  2. Smelly Breath: Once you have finished your cigarette, the particles remain in the mouth for a long time, which causes a smell in your breath.
  3. Gum Diseases: As per reports, every time you smoke, it increases the risk of developing gum diseases. How this happens is, when you smoke, your mouth loses its strength to fight germs and bacteria. These bacteria keep on building up in your mouth. And if you do not treat them at an early stage, they can weaken the gums and bones. In some cases, you may also lose teeth if you do not take care of them.
  4. Your Healing Will Be Delayed: If you are a smoker, this is one of your’s most dangerous news. Smoking doesn’t only lessen your mouth’s strength to fight germs and bacteria, but if you undergo a tooth extraction or oral surgery, smoking also slows down your healing capability.
  5. Cancer In Your Mouth: What could be worse than facing oral cancer? Based on Oral Cancer Foundation reports, doctors diagnose almost 50,000 people with oral cancer every year in the US. And nearly 80 percent of them are smokers. Regular smoking leads to the development of a small patch in the mouth, and it is followed by difficulty in chewing, numbness around the jaw area, and sometimes pain in the ear.

How To Solve The Situation?

If you are a regular smoker, visit Waller Dental & General and Cosmetic Dentistry, and our experienced dentists will devise a treatment plan for you. This will help solve your smoking-related issues. Call us now at 936-372-2673.

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