Is Your Bad Breath a Sign of a Dental Problem?

Bad breath is an embarrassing problem to have. While some cases of bad breath are caused by eating smelly foods or neglecting an oral care routine, other cases are caused by an underlying condition. Keep reading to learn about some common health and dental problems that can cause bad breath.

Dental Problems

If you brush and floss regularly and still struggle with your breath, ask your dentist to evaluate your mouth. Certain foods, medications, and the use of tobacco products can all impact your breath, so talk with your dentist about your lifestyle, too. Sometimes, gum conditions like periodontitis can cause bad breath. A chronically dry mouth can also be the culprit.

Health Problems

Sometimes bad breath is caused by a health condition that extends beyond the mouth. Post-nasal drip from conditions like sinusitis can sometimes contribute to bad breath. So can acid reflux or other digestive issues. In rare cases, a kidney or liver disease can cause bad breath, so see a doctor if you and your dentist cannot pinpoint the cause of your problem.

When to See a Dentist

Your dentist should be your first line of defense when struggling with bad breath. A good dentist will evaluate your whole mouth and help you find the problem so you can face the world with confidence. If you are embarrassed by your chronic bad breath, call Waller Dental at 936-372-2673. Our compassionate team will help you deal with this issue.

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