Movable Lump on Jaw bone — What Could It Be?

You might have noticed a soft lump under your jaw line that moves. Usually, a movable lump on your jaw bone is not something to panic about. However, it can sometimes signify a need for immediate medical attention. The severity of the issue depends on the cause. This blog discusses 7 causes of a lump on your jaw line.

Why is There a Movable Lump on My Jaw bone?

The moving lump in the jaw can indicate something harmless like an insect sting to something severe like a tumor. Knowing the symptoms and causes can help you determine if you need medical attention or not:

1. Abscessed Tooth
The harmful bacteria in your mouth can reach the tooth’s pulp, resulting in an abscessed tooth or a bacterial infection. Tooth fracture, untreated cavity, problems with a root canal, and trauma can also cause swelling in different parts of your mouth, including your gums and jaw. The swelling can cause sudden pain and needs immediate medical attention. Your dentist can treat the abscessed tooth by extraction and root canal. Or they will drain the infection and prescribe antibiotics, depending on its severity.

2. Allergies
Allergies can result in swelling in your lymph nodes or other parts of your face, like your jawline. An allergy can be due to exposure to allergens or an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions to certain ingredients in food and medicines can cause swollen sinuses and swollen glands. Moreover, allergens can cause swelling in your lymph nodes and face too. Thus, allergy symptoms coupled with a movable lump on your jaw bone can be because of allergies.

3. Swollen Lymph Nodes
Lymph nodes are present underneath your skin, near your jawline. Swelling in lymph nodes is a reaction to your body fighting off an infection, as these glands store white blood cells. Swollen lymph nodes might look like a lump that moves on one or both sides of the jawline. Although they look soft, they might be painful to touch. Fever, chills, and a runny nose also accompany swollen lymph nodes, along with a movable lump on your jaw bone.

4. Lipoma
A lipoma is a benign lump of fat deposit that develops under your skin. Usually, they appear on your neck or jaw as colorless, soft lumps. Lipoma under the chin does not indicate any serious health risk.

5. Cyst
A cyst on the jawline does not usually have other symptoms but can become inflamed and cause discomfort. It is a sac filled with fluid or any other material, and a usually dentigerous cyst forms on your jawline.

6. Fibroma
Fibroma is a non-cancerous soft tissue made of the body’s natural tissues. Sometimes, benign tumors containing tissues and bone develop on the part of the jaw where teeth develop. This condition is known as ossifying fibroma, which can form a movable lump on your jaw bone.

7. Cancer
Usually, cancer forms malignant tumors on your jaw that are not soft and immobile. However, liposarcoma (a type of cancer) can cause a soft, movable lump on your jaw bone. Typically, they do not radiate pain upon touching.

What Should I do?

A movable lump on the jaw bone is usually not severe, but it does not mean you should neglect it. Visit your dentist, especially if the lump causes trouble in eating or swallowing, locks the jaw or makes it immobile, is accompanied by high fever, gives persistent pain, or is a hard bump that causes no pain. Our experts at Waller Dental are just a few digits away at 936-372-2673; call us if you are experiencing any oral health issues.

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