Should You Take An X-ray If You’re Pregnant?

It is an exciting time when you’re pregnant, and it’s a time your body is undergoing a lot of changes, and if it needs dental care, do not avoid it.

It would help if you stuck to your regular dental routine so you can prevent your mouth from pregnancy gingivitis. And to do so, there is a chance you might have to have dental X-rays done at some point.

You must be thinking that are dental X-rays safe during your pregnancy? And the answer is yes. It is safe for you to have a dental X-ray done during your pregnancy, but make sure you are taking care of some factors.

A Dental X-Ray During Your Pregnancy

Inform the radiologist that you are pregnant before having an x-ray done, so your radiologist can ensure that the radiation level is kept to a very minimum during your dental X-ray.

There is one more layer of protection that will keep you safe from a dental X-ray. The radiologist will place a heavy apron over you before the X-ray. This apron is made to minimize radiation exposure during the X-ray. This apron is long and covers your abdomen, so your baby is safe. You might feel that it is a bit of a headache to wear the apron for a short time and remove it again. But it’s definitely the moment where you’d want to be safe than sorry.

You might feel a lot of weight of this apron, but the radiologist will keep it on you when necessary, and it will be removed in a few minutes.

How Can You Make The Best Choice?

Although taking a dental X-ray is quite a safe process, some women try avoiding it during this time. If you are too looking to avoid a dental X-ray, speak with your dentist as soon as you become pregnant. Your dentist will make sure to plan your treatment accordingly. You can also avoid a dental X-ray until the end of the first trimester because this is the most crucial development time for your baby.

We do not recommend avoiding your routine X-ray because dental issues can become serious if not treated before time. You surely do not want a baby in one hand and your dental emergency in another hand.

Discuss This With Your Dentist

Do not avoid your dental health while you’re pregnant. As mentioned earlier as well, you can speak with your dentist as soon as you get pregnant. If you are looking out for an experienced dentist, you can always reach out to Waller Dental & General and Cosmetic Dentistry. Our team of professional dentists will help answer all your queries. Call us at 936-372-2673 to book an appointment now.

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