Stannous Fluoride vs Sodium Fluoride | Which is better?

Stannous fluoride provides severe protection against plaque, bacteria, and tooth protection. It also gives the required cavity protection. In contrast, sodium fluoride only helps in the defense against the cavity. So, in stannous fluoride vs sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride offers more factors hence, considered more effective in providing protection.

Fluoride Mouthwash

Mouthwash containing fluoride prevents the tooth from decaying. But a precaution that should be considered is never to use mouthwash containing fluoride just after brushing your teeth. As it will wash away the fluoride on your teeth left after brushing them with toothpaste.

Fluoride mouthwash is considered safe for daily use by those looking for extra care of their smiles. It is deemed excellent for those having a higher risk of severe cavities and tooth decay problems. As medically fluoride treatments are given to the patients with cavity problems. A mineral is present in the fluoride, making the teeth more substantial and resistant to bacteria and plaque.

Younger children of age six years should not take fluoride treatments unless prescribed by the doctor. The mouthwash contains drying properties itself so that it can cause swelling of the gums. Hence, we should not place mouthwash inside our mouth for anytime longer than 4-5 minutes.

Food Stuck in Gums

Sometimes stubborn food particles get stuck in the gums and can cause swelling, so it is necessary to get these fine particles out of the gums. For example, the complex kernel pieces during eating popcorns can quickly cause swelling of gums by sticking into them.

When the food stucks in gums, it can sometimes come off on its own, but sometimes it can get all tricky and a lengthy procedure to get them out. A toothpick can get the food particle out of the gums, but it often causes bleeding. One should rinse the mouth with a stannous fluoride mouthwash and gargle hard to make that fine particle of Food come out in such conditions.

Why does my tooth hurt?

Nerve around the teeth when it hurts. It means it is irritated. Nerve irritation occurs because of dental caries (cavities) or tooth decay.

Dental caries are often termed dangerous as, if not treated at an early stage can lead towards other cavities breakout. When visiting a doctor, often patients ask this question that why does my tooth hurt? The simple answer is because of the nerve irritation for which the patient should use stannous fluoride as it is adequate protection against bacterias which causes dental caries leading towards nerve irritation.

A more frequently asked question is, does stannous fluoride stain the teeth? The related answer is if not appropriately formulated, toothpaste containing stannous fluoride can satin the teeth.

Toothpaste labeled as a fluoride-free product may not be properly clean and strengthen the teeth. So, in stannous fluoride vs sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride, when formulated correctly, can give you the desired smile of all times.

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