The Truth Behind Why Your Teeth Are Yellow Even When You Brush Them Every Day

Everyone wants shiny white teeth with a dazzling smile to accompany them. But not everyone is born with a set of perfect teeth. On average, most people are stuck with not-so-pearly pearly whites. They appear faded and almost translucent.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? Why are your teeth yellow when you brush them every day? If you’re stuck in the same repetitive cycle of insecurities, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you what exactly this means and how you can brighten your yellowing teeth.

Why Are My Teeth Yellow When I Bush Them Every Day?

If you’re consistent with brushing your teeth but aren’t seeing any results, the problem might be deeper than you think. In most cases, yellow teeth can signify a lot of things, such as:

  • Your Teeth Aren’t Naturally White
    Not everyone has pure white teeth. Some people are born with a yellowish or ivory tint to their pearly whites. This can make it seem like you have yellow teeth, but it’s just the natural color of your tooth’s enamel.
  • The Enamel Has Faded
    As you age, your enamel starts to lighten and fade. Over time it can expose the yellowish dentin inside, making it look like it’s the color of your tooth instead.
  • Your Teeth Are Stained
    There are two types of dental stains, intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains occur beneath the enamel on your dentin. In contrast, extrinsic stains show up on top of the enamel. Either type can make your teeth look yellow and dull.
  • You Eat & Drink Things That Yellow Your Teeth
    Your diet plays a huge role in your dental health. What you eat and drink highly affects the color and texture of your teeth.
  • You Excessively Smoke Tobacco
    Smoking is known to be bad for your lungs. But tobacco is way worse, especially for your teeth. It’s known to leave behind black stains and can cause your pearly whites to fall off.
  • Vitamin Deficiency
    If your body is lacking in Vitamin C, it can lead to bacteria building atop your teeth and gums, causing severe tooth discoloration.
  • Side Effects of Certain Medications
    Some medicines tend to affect your teeth, leaving behind side effects that dim the color of your pearly whites.

Can Yellow Teeth Turn White Again?

Of course! Just because your teeth are yellow doesn’t mean they can’t become white again. In fact, there are numerous ways you can brighten your teeth. It’s up to you whether you go for a teeth whitening treatment or you’d prefer other methods. But rest assured. No matter how badly stained your teeth are, our dentists at Waller Dental are skilled enough to leave them sparkling white.

How to Stop My Teeth From Turning Yellow?

Waking up to dull, yellow teeth when you brush them daily can affect your self-esteem. Especially if you’re very careful and maintain your oral hygiene to the max. But if you don’t, you should probably take charge of it. Additionally, if you want to bring back the sparkle to your teeth, you can start by following the tips mentioned below:

  • Maintain a good oral hygiene routine.
  • Get your teeth professionally deep cleaned.
  • Schedule yourself for a professional teeth whitening treatment.
  • Make dietary changes and avoid eating anything that stains your teeth.
  • Visit a dentist every six months for an in-depth dental evaluation.

Closing Word

To summarize, if you’ve been questioning why your teeth are yellow even when you brush them every day, the answer might lie within your teeth altogether. It could be due to the intrinsic stains you’ve developed or simply a side effect of aging. Regardless of the cause, yellow teeth aren’t something to be ashamed of. However, if you want your smile to be dazzling white, contact Waller Dental at (936) 372-2673. Our staff consists of dental specialists who are ready to make you smile. You can drop by our dental office at 31315 Farm to Market 2920 #16a, Waller, TX 77484. It’s right in the heart of Waller Village.

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