Veneers Vs. Dentures, Which Is The Best Option?

When deciding between a cosmetic dental procedure, the most important thing is understanding which is the right choice for you. Hence this article will help you make the right choice. We will begin by explaining the details of both.


Dentures are most popular by their nature of use, known as a replacement of teeth. They come in two different types, partial and full. If you don’t have a lot of teeth missing, then a partial denture is good for you; but if you have more than fifty percent of your teeth that need a replacement; then the best option is to have the other teeth removed and go ahead with a full denture.

Partial dentures are removable, but full dentures are, in most cases, screwed to your jaw bone.


Veneers are the latest version of a shining bright smile. These are made of porcelain shells and are customized as per the shape of your teeth. You do not have to worry about teeth removals, as your dentist will place Veneers on top of your teeth’ enamel.

What Is The Difference Between The Both?

If you choose dentures, you need to first go ahead with having your teeth removed. Then the dentist will prepare the denture based on the size of your mouth, and this entire process may take about two to three weeks. That is just for partial dentures. Instead, if you choose to opt for permanent dentures, you may need to keep visiting your dentist for up to six months as the dentist will have to screw in every teeth to the jaw bone.

Compared to this, the process for veneers is lesser and may take about a month. For Veneers, you need to go in for a checkup, where the dentist will use some of the most innovative technology and capture your existing smile and display to you what you will look like when the procedure is complete. Your dentist will also share a complete plan with you to give you an idea of what will happen. Your procedure will then begin, and the dentist will fit your veneers.

Pros And Cons

  1. Veneers are quick in the procedure; dentures are strong and can stay intact for a lifetime.
  2. A denture is a good option when you have missing teeth, as this will act as replacement teeth. Instead, veneers can only be possible if you have teeth because your dentist will need to attach them to your existing teeth.
  3. Although both look completely natural; dentures are painful and takes time for you to get adjusted to. Whereas veneers are completely painless, and you won’t even feel any difference.

The Conclusion

If you have missing teeth, your dentist will not suggest you undergo a veneer treatment, and you will have to go ahead with dentures. But, if you have all your teeth intact and are looking to improve your smile, veneers are for you.

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