What are Daytime Mouth Guards?

While nighttime bruxism is usually marked by teeth grinding, bruxism can also occur during the day. Like nocturnal bruxism, daytime bruxism is closely related to stress. Most people experience teeth clenching in response to stress at some point. But the problem begins when clenching becomes chronic and starts to cause damage and pain rather than an occasional response to stress. Several treatments are available to ease out the situation, such as daytime mouth guards.     


Daytime Vs Nighttime Bruxism


Though both categorized as bruxism, nocturnal and daytime bruxism seem to operate differently. Thus, those suffering from nighttime grinding may not suffer from daytime clenching and vice versa.  

Daytime bruxism occurs during waking hours, which makes it much easier to identify and diagnose than nocturnal bruxism.


Daytime Mouthguards


Though it may be easier to manage daytime bruxism with the help of the patients’ awareness, it can still prove difficult to cure. Unfortunately, standard night mouth guards or even custom-fitted night guards are not good at treating daytime clenching.

However, other options are available to protect teeth clenching during the daytime. Some dental clinics and retailers offer extra thin acrylic mouth guards that not only allow speech but are so thin and discrete that you may not even notice them when worn. These ultra-fine mouth guards can help protect your enamel and jaw from the intense daytime bruxism force without hindering the speech or being visible.


Your Options for Treatment


Daytime bruxism has a close connection with stress levels and is nearly twice as common as nocturnal bruxism. Self-awareness or cognitive behavioral therapy can help reduce or eliminate clenching. However, in case of unsuccessful treatment, other options are available. Discrete daytime mouth guards do not affect speech can help to protect your jaws and teeth and prevent enamel damage.


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