What Are Veneers? Here Is A Small Guide For You To Know Everything

Veneers are a part of cosmetic dentistry. With it, you can optimize your smiles and have perfect teeth. While veneers have many benefits, they have their disadvantages as well.

With a Veneer, no one will know what your teeth look like. A Veneer does the same thing that enamel does, hide your teeth. The only difference is that Veneers instead hide your teeth from the lurking eyes of everyone around you.

Veneers come in multiple shades. You can customize your smile as you wish. Veneers do not get stained and hide the discoloration of your natural teeth as well. As such, they provide the perfect smile. Most importantly, getting Veneers does not take long. The method is quite simple, and there is no need for much maintenance either. As long as you brush your teeth and floss daily, your Veneers will last for quite a long time.

Though veneers are great for your public appearance and image, there are a few drawbacks to having veneers:

  1. The most prominent drawback to having Veneers is that they are expensive and not easy to afford.
  2. Furthermore, you can easily damage them if you eat hard foods.
  3. Once you get veneers, you will feel a sense of sensitivity every time you have something hot or cold. This discomfort is because, during the installation of Veneers, the layer of enamel is removed.
  4. Most importantly, once you get Veneers, you can not get rid of them. Before you get Veneers, your dentist will inspect the condition of your teeth and tell you if getting Veneers is advisable or not.

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