What Can Not Brushing Teeth Can Lead To?

Everyone always tells us to brush our teeth at least twice a day. Brushing your teeth is an essential step of your morning and night routine. Plus, it’s one of the vital parts of your oral hygiene. Apart from the terrible odor and taste in your mouth, not brushing your teeth can actually kickstart many oral health issues. Cleaning your teeth is where oral care starts. If the stinky breath, fear of cavities, and foul taste aren’t reason enough to convince you to brush your teeth, carry on reading our blog. We’ll list what happens when you don’t brush your teeth.

What Could Happen If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth

Not brushing your teeth can have detrimental consequences. Plaque bacteria wastes no time sticking to the surface of your teeth. With no cleaning, tooth decay stages will occur at an accelerated pace. Slowly, your salivary flow will be affected, resulting in a possible dry mouth. Not brushing your teeth even once can be harmful; making it a habit will only give way to potential oral health problems. Thus, teaching your children to brush regularly is important.

Below, we’ll tell you what happens when you don’t brush your teeth to give you a detailed look at the consequences of skipping oral care:

1. Your Teeth Will Form Cavities

Cavities will not miss a chance to make an appearance on your tooth. People who don’t brush their teeth allow bacteria and food particles to linger in their mouths. Consequently, they react together, releasing enamel-weakening acid. The acids wear the dental enamel down, forming cavities over time.

Once the enamel wears down, it’s only tooth problem after tooth problem from there. This is because the enamel is the hardest tissue, along with the first tooth layer. Hence, enamel erosion is something you should avoid at all costs. The remaining layers underneath are sensitive and will erode quickly. If the cavity reaches the inside of your tooth, you might get a tooth infection. Moreover, you might need a filling, root canal, or, in case of severe damage, tooth extraction.

2. Your Gums Will Get Infected

Your gums are susceptible to infection and damage when you don’t brush your teeth. The bacteria will infect your gums, causing them to pull away or worse. Consequently, not brushing teeth regularly can lead to periodontal disease. If gum disease is not caught on time, it can lead to other health consequences like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and more. Thus, you’ll need to visit a periodontist the moment you suspect gum disease.

3. You Might Lose your Teeth

Cavity and gum disease is not all that happens when you don’t brush your teeth; you can experience tooth loss. When you don’t brush your teeth, plaque bacteria forms and hardens into tartar. Slowly, tooth decay occurs, and bacteria will infect your gums. If left untreated, gum disease can eventually lead to tooth loss. Prolonged neglect of oral care can give way to additional problems like jaw bone deterioration. You might require maxillofacial surgery to treat the impact on your face.

The Closing Word

Now that you know what happens when you don’t brush your teeth make sure not to neglect your oral care. The Waller Dental team can help if you’re experiencing oral health issues. Talk to us at (936) 372-2673. You can also visit our experts at 31315 F.M. 2920 Rd., Ste. 16A Waller, TX 77484.

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