What is an Open Bite and How to Fix Open Bite Teeth

Sometimes, people may experience a gap in the front of their bite. The six or eight teeth are unable to touch and close the bite. This particular condition is called the open bite. In this condition, the premolars and molars can close normally. However, your canines and incisors of both the upper and lower jaw do not meet at the appropriate point. These teeth are too short to meet or protrude outwards and cannot make contact.

This deformity causes a huge gap that can be a problem in your daily life. This is a condition that you need to prevent. Prevention is always the best solution for any disease or condition. Therefore we recommend you regularly visit the dentist, once every six months, for yourself and your children. Usually, normal people can not detect subtle signs of dental problems. However, an expert dentist can detect all dental issues on time and recommend preventive measures.

Problems Caused By Open Bite Teeth

Difficulty Eating

First and foremost, this condition will cause problems while eating food. You will not be able to grip your food properly, and biting it off from the front will be more difficult than normal. You may not even be able to put enough pressure on your front teeth because they grew at an angle. The angle of growth will put the necessary pressure on the teeth roots.

Difficulty Speaking

If you have a gap between your bite, you will feel some difficulty while speaking. First, you can not be very articulate, as you will have difficulty producing labiodental sounds. These are the sounds or letters we speak by touching our tongues on the back of our teeth. This is a cause for concern, as it can be an obstacle in your career. People who want to pursue careers that require a person to be articulate will face difficulty because of this condition.

Mouth Breathing

As you have a gap between your teeth, it may be difficult to close your mouth. This may cause you to open your mouth and even breathe through the mouth involuntarily. Mouth breathing is already a cause of many facial deformities. Sometimes it is a subconscious reflex of an involuntarily open mouth.

Causes Of Open Bite

The causes of open bite teeth are the same habits that cause many other orthodontic deformities. Things like overuse of pacifiers, thumb sucking, mouth breathing, or tongue thrusting are all possible culprits for this condition. There is no way to say which type of teeth unalignment you will get because of these bad habits.

How to Fix Open Bite

Braces can fix open bites, and if you are socially anxious, you can choose to get braces behind your teeth. However, your dentist may recommend Invisalign if your open bite teeth are not too severe. In case of a severe condition, the only option to fix an open bite is surgery. It is also possible that the dentist may have to replace your front teeth with implants completely.


Open bite teeth are just another type of orthodontic condition. Like every dental issue, they can be prevented if diagnosed early. If you need the help of orthodontic experts in Waller, Texas, please contact Waller Dental at (936) 372-2673.

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