What is Teeth Crowding and How to Fix Crowded Teeth

Some people may face the problem of having too many teeth overlapping each other. This condition is known as crowded teeth. Some people face this condition as a small inconvenience, and others have a lot of trouble. The severity of the condition makes all the difference. It is most common among the front eight teeth of the upper and lower jaw. In minor cases, you may feel food getting stuck between these teeth. However, in severe cases, there can be many more complications.

Teeth crowd or overlap each other when they have insufficient spaces to grow. As teeth do not have space to grow straight, they manage the growth by overlapping or rotating. A common form of this condition is teeth like a vampire. The upper canines of a person move in front of the incisors next to them because of less space. This condition gives an illusion of a vampire’s teeth. However, in severe cases, teeth crowding causes a lot of complications. Visiting a dentist can help prevent the problem from ever occurring.

Causes of Crowded Teeth

Mouth Breathing

Consistent breathing through the mouth causes a lot of facial deformities. If your habit is consistent over many years, you can face teeth crowding because of it. If you have conditions that force you to breathe through the mouth, like asthma or allergies, it is better to treat them.

Tongue Thrusting

Thrusting your tongue against your teeth while growing will cause them to lose alignment and become overcrowded.

Small Jaw

If someone is born with a smaller jaw than normal, they can face overcrowding of teeth. This condition can be genetic or a birth defect.

Late or Uneven Growing Teeth

If a child’s teeth are not growing evenly or some teeth grow late, then crowding is a possibility. This happens when the late-growing teeth do not have enough space to settle.

Thumb or Pacifier Sucking

Thumb sucking or overuse of pacifiers over the age of three is a cause of many orthodontic issues. This habit can also be a cause of tooth crowding.

Disease or Genetic Disorders

Diseases like gum disease, “which is a periodontal disease,” can also cause teeth to clutter. In some cases, genetic disorders or birth defects also cause abnormal teeth growth resulting in crowding.

How to Prevent Teeth Crowding

Restraining from the habits mentioned above can prevent teeth cluttering. Additionally, visiting a dentist every six months can help identify subtle signs or orthodontic issues. The sooner these problems are detected, the sooner they are prevented. However, regarding genetic conditions, you will need proper treatment.

How to Fix Crowding Teeth

If the teeth crowding is minor, Invisalign can fix it. However, in other conditions, you may have to go through a complete course of braces. In some severe cases, you may have to go through surgery and get braces after recovery.


Crowded teeth can be a problem in severe cases, or they can disrupt the look of your perfect smile. If you need dental consultation about them, please contact Waller Dental at (936) 372-2673.

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