When Should A Dentist Use Antibiotics Treatment?

Americans are very health conscious. Antibiotics have been used profusely in all aspects of our lives whether or not we are aware of it. Livestock are given antibiotic treatment in order to keep disease in check. The antibiotics used in these animals transfers to humans as they ingest the meat. Even at small doses this can be a problem.

Over Treatment with Antibiotics

Since 2012 people have been making more requests for food without antibiotics. Overuse has caused antibiotic resistance and created what are termed “superbugs.” This overuse is concerning for health officials because the resistance could possibly undermine all of the good that antibiotics have done for humans.

Antibiotics are the reason that people are not dying from certain bacterial and viral infections. A cold could be a near fatal illness in centuries past. Pneumonia was almost a certain death sentence until the advent of antibiotics. Today antibiotics are used to treat a variety of illnesses. The fact that they are also being used on animals and show up in humans is troubling in its implications.

The Necessary Use of Antibiotics in Dental Treatment

Many healthcare professionals, including dentists are not as fast to prescribe antibiotics as they have been in the past. Research has shown that there can be consequences when patients use antibiotics over time. As a result, many doctors and dentists are looking at antibiotics as a use-only-when-necessary treatment.

Dentists used to regularly prescribe antibiotics treatment for some patients as prophylactic care. This was the case for patients who had heart issues, diabetes, and joint-replacement surgery. American Dental Association (ADA) recommendations have tempered use of antibiotics after studying research findings about the efficacy of their use with certain patients as a preemptive strike against possible infection.

In many instances use of antibiotics prior to a dental procedure as prevention of infection has been abandoned. Now it is becoming standard to make a clear assessment of the risk of infection before prescribing antibiotic treatment. In cases where heart issues are concerned, recommendations are that the primary physician prescribe antibiotics if they are deemed necessary.

Antibiotic Treatment for Oral Infections

When a tooth is infected or there is an infection in the mouth antibiotics are prescribed to help the body fight off the infection. This is a standard use of antibiotics in dentistry. The risk of further complicating matters by performing some procedures while an infection is present is too great to proceed without controlling the infection.

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