Why are dental implants so expensive?

Toothache is one of the worst pain anyone has. Many reasons are responsible for it; hence in many cases, it is better to lose an aching tooth other than spoiling all. But, compensation for the loss is necessary; otherwise, other problems arise. If space is left empty after tooth removal, it will affect the tissues and gums below it and the surrounding teeth. Few options are available to fill the loss, though a dental implant is one of the most popular ways that gives back a tooth that function exactly like a natural one. So, why dental implants are so expensive? Let’s discuss the reasons responsible for it, keeping in mind the length of time and materials required. Besides, it is essential to know that each penny you spend is worth what you gain finally.

Dental implant cost; time and material

Dental Implant is a lengthy method which might take months and the services of various professionals, including dentist, surgeon, hygienist, and assistant, to play their roles. From tooth extraction until a new one implants into the socket, there are different needs. The individual has to visit the clinic many times. Therefore, the cost is the combination of dental visits, expert skills of healthcare professionals, and material used. No compromise can be made on the material as the resulting permanent tooth will stay and act naturally in the mouth. Few alternatives are possible depending on the individual requirements, but the best suitable option gives perfect results.

Who is not eligible for a dental implant?

The first thing to know is that if the individual is eligible for the implant. To carry the procedure, few health requirements, along with finance, are necessary. The density of jawbones and an individual’s physical health are two essential factors; initially, few x-rays and a CT-Scan done ensure fitness. In the case of bone deficiency, there is a need for grafting and following a proper diet plan until the person is fit enough for it. Few medical conditions like diabetes do not make the candidate suitable for the implant; the doctor is the best person to ask before planning. As it is a long and expensive procedure, so it is better to take advice and then carry forward to avoid any wrong decisions.

Can implants be cheaper?

It is a myth that dental implants can be cheap; the number of procedures, sittings, and professional included makes it expensive. A cheap and quick process will have flaws and won’t last much longer. However, you will run into other expenses of restoring your oral conditions. Indeed, the amount you put in will be your investment. Furthermore, why are dental implants so expensive is due to its procedure that requires a lot of training. Are you planning to have implants? Contact us; we will first study your condition and plan the treatment if you are the right candidate for dental implants. Call us at 936-372-2673 to schedule your appointment.

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