Why Does My Jaw Pop When I Chew?

Is your jaw clicking when chewing? Jaw popping is enough to make anyone panic. It could seem like your jaw is broken — which is one of the reasons. However, a clicking jaw could indicate multiple factors. In most cases, it is a symptom of temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Other than this, factors like bruxism, a misaligned bite, infections, and more lead to a clicking sound from the jaw when you move it.

In this blog, we will focus on the main causes of jaw clicking when chewing. Keep reading to get educated on what the possible causes of jaw popping are.

Does TMJ Cause Jaw Click When Chewing?

The temporomandibular joint disorder is a possible culprit behind a clicking jaw. Your TMJ works to move the jaw up and down, but damage to this area can lead to temporomandibular disorder. One of the indications of this condition is a popping sound from your jaw when you open or close it. Moreover, you might experience pain, jaw, lock, and other symptoms.

Your TMJ specialist can determine if you have this condition and how severe it is. Then, they will give you adequate treatment to deal with it.

Other Reasons Your Jaw is Clicking When Chewing

A clicking sound from the jaw could occur for multiple reasons. Your oral healthcare provider will inspect your jaw and investigate the actual reasons your jaw clicks when you chew. Here are a few causes of a popping jaw:

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is detrimental to your dental health. Jaw pain, worn-out tooth enamel, and weak teeth are some of the consequences of teeth grinding or bruxism. Did you know it could be a factor in why your jaw is clicking when you’re chewing? Yes, long-term grinding and jaw clenching could affect the delicate balance that keeps your jaw in sync. The stress and pressure on your jaw could lead to TMJ issues, making your jaw pop.

Your dentist might recommend nightguards or mouthguards if you suffer from teeth grinding. These treatments can help prevent the results of bruxism!

Misaligned Bite

The jaw-popping sound could be a result of bite misalignment. When your teeth don’t occlude or bite properly, it could lead to dental health issues. If this is the case, you might experience more pain on one side, along with a popping sound. Other than this, the affected individual might hear ringing in their ear.

The treatment for bite misalignment will depend on the location and severity of the issue. Therefore, your dental specialists might recommend invisalign. In some cases, reshaping or reconstruction is recommended.

Broken or Dislocated Jaw

Dislocation is the most common reason for jaw popping. Hence, your jaw might feel out of place. Furthermore, you’ll notice your jaw is clicking when you are chewing. Pain, swelling, bruising, popping sounds, and misalignment are some indications of a broken jaw. So if you sustained an injury recently, you might want to get your jaw checked.

Receive urgent medical care for your jaw injury; neglecting the issue can make it worse.

What’s the Takeaway?

If your jaw is clicking when chewing, it could have many causes. This is not an issue you should ignore; get immediate medical attention for an easy and safe recovery. Our Waller Dental team can help you if your jaw is popping. Drop by our dental clinic at 31315 F.M. 2920 Rd., Ste. 16A Waller, TX 77484. You can also schedule an appointment by ringing us at (936) 372-2673.

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